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    I've added the HJ Reichsausbildungslager to the list in post #1. Please add any that you know of!

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    Marine-HJ Wehrertüchtigungslager I Lauben 1943


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    There was also a WE-Lager in Heks, Belgium, But I don't have much information about this WE-Lager.

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    Sorry for this late response Michael. Thanks for that info. If any documents/further information turn up we can definitely add that one to the list

    Added Wehrertüchtigungslager 3, Vogelsang I, Gebiet 11 Köln-Aachen to list in post #1:


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    Hi Garry,

    The Wehrertüchtigungslager Millstättersee that you have added seems to be the same camp as

    The only mention of the Milstätter-camp in this forum seems to be the movie, you refer to (which can now be seen here: ...but the same clip was used for the week-review movie here: ... where the location is called Seebooden (eg, where Seeblick was located ...).


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    Many thanks Frederick. I have updated post #1 with that information.

    Welcome to the forum by the way!

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    I don't know if this info is relevant in this thread, but: The Seeblick/Seeboden camp seems to have been transformed from a work camp for the Wolfsberg Tunnel: it has the same name and possible same (exact) position, according to the accessible image-sources.
    The tunnel-project was postponed due to the war, around 1941, and the tunnel partly transformed to an underground Messerschmitt factory (!), according to local history-sources:

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    After my idea there were differend camps
    see documents (24 7 1944) of a Dutch boy in training again sports camp
    Verkenning a.jpgVerkenning b.jpgVerkenning c.jpg

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    Sorry for my late reply - but I can't see any documentation for more than one camp in the documents, which by no doubt still is fantastic documentation (!). The first one seems to be a kind of report from a combat-exercise of some kind ... the first map shows the position of the WE Lager (in fact one of the positions I suspected after some research in pictures from the area: The other map is positions of a prisoner camp and a airplane factory, possibly just to the west of the first one, where the stream splits into three ...

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    R.A.L. I Germ. Jugend. ( Reichsausbildungslager 1 Germanische Jugend )

    The cufftitle has a collector friend of mine in his collection.
    Can one tell where the camp was just me? I can not find a city under Greibensee.

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